SEE employs students living in the Orono area who are majoring in environmental engineering, environmental science, or related fields.

Summer Internship

Each summer, SEE hires college student interns to work out of our Orono, Maine office, as field technicians to perform stormwater infrastructure inspections and related tasks. These inspections support regulatory permit requirements that local municipalities and institutions must meet in order to comply with the Maine Department of Environmental Protection’s (MDEP) Stormwater Program. The primary compliance tasks conducted by interns between May and August are:

  • Stormwater infrastructure inspections;
  • Stormwater infrastructure mapping; and
  • Stormwater runoff sampling.

Interns are supervised by professionals at SEE, yet are expected to work independently, with attention to detail and professionalism.

SEE typically employs students living in the Orono area who are majoring in environmental engineering, environmental science, or related fields. We have a strong relationship with the University of Maine College of Engineering – the alma mater of many of our staff and interns – and consider UMaine to be a significant  internship program resource and partner.

Skills gained and practiced as part of an SEE internship experience are valuable for any student going into an environmental profession. Since the company started in 2013, we have been fortunate to employ many outstanding interns, who have moved on to careers and/or post-graduate academic endeavors.

Intern Testimonials

"Working at Stillwater Environmental Engineering, Inc was an amazing opportunity to gain experience in the stormwater engineering field in a friendly environment. I was able to learn more about engineering applications like Fulcrum and ArcGIS and get exposure to working outdoors. I fell in love with this career field because I was able to see the impact I make on the world every day. By my own hand, I got to test for illicit discharges, make sure industries minimize their release of chemicals into the environment, and look for sewage leaks draining into bodies of water. I got to be more than just a witness of pollution. I am able to look back on my internship and know I did a part to make the world a little safer for animals, people, and fish who rely on nearby rivers and streams."
Kettie Cormier (SEE Intern, Summer 2021)
"I worked at SEE as an intern for a summer and my last semester at UMaine. I learned a lot of new field skills including how to inspect stormwater infrastructure using specialized tools and procedures. I also got to sharpen my AutoCAD skills by working on site plans. This practical experience helped me get a full time engineering job right after college. Working with Phil, Jeff, Cara, and Tiffany was the best experience I could have asked for!"
Quinn Stamps (SEE Intern, Summer 2021)

Where Are They Now?

Examples of our past interns and their current employment

Year Name School/Major Where are they now?
2020 Noah Bussiere UMaine BS Civil Engineering Assistant Engineer Bangor Water District
2015 Eddie Gonnella BS Civil Engineering UMaine Programs Assistant Manager at INVISIO Communications