Manage stormwater runoff from areas of your construction and post-construction site

Construction and Post-Construction

How does water affect your life? Imagine a typical summertime weekend. Do you take the boat out on the lake to do some fishing? Do you walk your dog to the stream down the road to splash around? Do you take your kids for a swim in the neighborhood pond?

Water isn’t just necessary for us to live – it also provides recreational activities for us to enjoy.

Now think for a moment about your work. How well do you manage your construction sites? The equipment you use disturbs the soil and may result in erosion. Sediments can be washed away in stormwater when it rains and end up in the water bodies you and your family enjoy. These pollutants can impact the recreational activities we all enjoy on a daily basis.

One of our jobs at Stillwater Environmental Engineering is to help our clients prevent stormwater runoff pollution from harming our waters.

The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) stormwater program requires permits for discharges from construction and post-construction activities that disturb one or more acres, and discharges from smaller sites that are part of a larger development plan. We can help with these requirements and with additional infrastructure design, as necessary.

SEE can help you manage stormwater runoff from areas of your construction and post-construction site by creating plans that include sediment and erosion controls, and effective best management practices (BMPs). We also offer education and outreach programs that will help your employees learn how to minimize construction site runoff and implement sediment and erosion control plans at your site.

During construction, SEE’s qualified third-party inspectors can assist you with site inspections to meet regulatory requirements. Following construction, we can also assist with routine site inspections to ensure that stormwater management systems are functioning properly.

For more information about SEE’s construction and post-construction services, contact us today. We’ll be happy to help create plans for you and train your employees to put those plans into action.