Ensure your stormwater infrastructure is functioning properly both now and in the future

Stormwater Infrastructure Inspections

Do you already have stormwater infrastructure?

Stormwater infrastructure requires regular inspections and maintenance to ensure it is functioning properly both now and in the future. These inspections help identify infrastructure maintenance problems at an early stage before they fail and/or become more costly to repair. We are specialists who have worked with all kinds of infrastructure, including open ditches, outfalls, catch basins, storm drains, culverts, proprietary treatment devices, and other structural stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs). Stillwater Environmental Engineering has years of experience conducting and overseeing stormwater infrastructure inspections for municipalities, institutions, and industrial facilities.

Stillwater Environmental Engineering offers services that address state and federal regulatory requirements for annual inspections of your stormwater infrastructure. We can provide stormwater infrastructure inspections to look for common problems, such as erosion, clogging, excess accumulated sediment, illicit discharge indicators, structural problems, and more. These inspections are conducted using customizable mobile electronic data collection applications. These applications allow us to seamlessly generate reports and efficiently export data electronically to multiple formats. Additionally, the use of these mobile applications allows SEE to locate all inspected infrastructure and transfer these locations to your existing infrastructure maps or create new maps. Our team of field technicians will collect, manage, and report the data for you as quickly and efficiently as possible. We will also prioritize any identified maintenance items in order to allow for efficient repairs of high-priority items.

Our field technicians are closely supervised by SEE project managers and are well-trained in conducting infrastructure inspections. The use of field technicians is a cost savings measure for our clients, which allows for a more comprehensive approach to infrastructure inspections, at a lower cost.

If you need assistance improving your stormwater infrastructure following our inspection, we can help with that as well. Check out our Stormwater Management Engineering Page to learn more.